QUARTER NOTE ($50-$149) 
Anonymous (8)
Dorothy Aitkenhead 
Liz Allan
Janice Apel
Alana Badinger
Arlene Batten
Marcia Brown
Bick and Ginny Bicknell
Marie Bingaman
Paul and Holly Blaine
Buffy Bohach
Rosalie Buyce
Helen Cavanaugh

Ellen Childs

​Bill and Ann Conzemius
Bob and Kathy Cooley
Marilyn Counter
Julee Craig
Richard and Rita Cronan
Lori Dioszeghy
Patricia Dommermuth
Tammy Dopp
Patricia Dudley

Dora Ferrer
Sylvia Foy
Naomi Fruitt
Jack and Sylvia Gillespie
Janice Hanus  
Lisa Hardy
Kelly and Joe Horner

The Patterson Foundation

 MAJOR CHORD ($500-$724)
La Mesa Independent, Inc.
Dave and Carol Skillman

WHOLE NOTE  ($300-$499)
Peter & Juanita Pawlisch

 HALF NOTE ($150-$299)
Linda Aronson
Dr. & Mrs. William Dederer
Robert and Darlene Gravatt
Peg Grimm
Carl and Patricia Hagberg
Pamela Keller
Larry and Linda Martin
George Martin
Tim Reynolds
Albert and Sonja Rozier


Joe and Marilyn Anderson
Beverly Sanker Bohach
Ruth Briggs
Stephen and Jill Brown
Edward and Phyllis Dahn
Patricia and Dennis DeCorte
David and Martha Derr
John and Joy Derr
Bart and Susan DeMalignon
Tom and Nancy Dummer
David and Brenda Ferko
Charles Finkbeiner and Paula Herschelman 
Arline Fitzmaurice
Steve and Sallie Foley
Rob and Amy Griffin
Peg Grimm
Paul Hanson
John Hegg
Rick Honer
Judy and Larry Johnson
David Karwacki
Gene and Carole Knutson
Mark Knutson
Eric and Mardelle Madsen
Amy McHenry

Juanita Pawlisch -
      Margaret Jensen
 Ruthann Allen - 
     Bob and Anne England

William Campion

Elizabeth Hutchinson-Sperry
Doug MacGregor

~In Memoriam~

QUARTER NOTE ($50-$149)

Dave and Elaine Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Lynn Koepke
Robert Land
John and Connie Long
Matt Martin
Curtis and Doris Mayer
Carolyn McGee
Daniel Miller
Jim Miller

Dave and Teri Mills
Gail Morehart
Sherry Olmstead
Pat and Hugh O’Rawe
Roy Parsons
Diane B. Peterson
William and Marilyn Schaff
George and Nancy Scheer
Jean Sutton
Tom Thrasher
Bill Vensel
Dick and Ellen Vercruysse
Jane Waldron
Claire Wally
Joyce Walser
Don Waskiewicz
Janet Watermeier
Jeffrey and Edith Wildt

Bob and Becky Zoerner


We Appreciate our Noteworthy Partners 
Contributions received:   April, 2020 - present 

Juanita and Peter Pawlisch
F. Verne Powell
Patricia and Kenneth Rule
Brent and Karen Sherman
Roy and Carol Sigler
Tom and Connie Silliman
Chris and Krista Sorenson
Family of Holly and Glenn Strong 
Michael and Wendy Taddei-Peters
Technical Resources International, Inc.
Karen R. Thiesse
Rod and Tracy Winn
Ken and Carmy Witzke

Holy Trinity Lutheran Chancel Choir:
Linda Aronson
Marie Bingaman
Beverly Bohach
Barbara Magill
Lois A. McConnell
Jacqueline Possel
Albert and Sonja Rozier

FRIENDS (up to $50)
Anonymous (2)
Bonnie Baker
Marilyn Bredvik
Paulette Butcher
Ruth R. Dunn
Heather Flesner
Barbara Goldberg
Peg and Richard Ims
Rich and Linda Moreau
David and Jerry Nathe
Lee Stein
Kathryn Weyenberg
Sue Whittier


 Sharon MacLaren
given by:
Arline Fitzmaurice
Peter & Juanita Pawlisch

Rev. Dr. Clyde Kaminska
given by:
Virderie Kaminska
Juanita and Peter Pawlisch

Dave Johnson

given by: