QUARTER NOTE ($50-$149)  

Arlene Batten

Paul and Holly Blaine

Gail Danemann

Tammy Dopp

Doyle Wealth Management

Robert and Anne England

Naomi and Bill Gazzola

Margaret Jensen

Robert Land

Barbara Howe-McPherson

​Gene W. McPherson

Special Patrons

~In Memoriam~

Mary Ellen McMahon

Bill and Jean Wallace

FRIENDS (up to $50)
Anonymous (2)
M/M Bill Campion

Gail Daneman

Dr./Mrs Robert Morden

Katherine Twyford


We Appreciate our Noteworthy Partners!
Contributions received:   January 2021 - present 

Joan Eileen Gardner
given by:
Pam Keller

Su'ad "Elizabeth" Al- Ghamdi
given by:
Beth Wienstein

Dave Johnson

given by:

Buffy Bohach

Rich and Linda Moreau

​Jean Sutton 

Pat O'Rawe
given by:
Peg Grimm

Juanita Pawlisch

Sonja and Albert Rozier

Dave Skillman
given by:
Peter and Juanita Pawlisch

Jerry Smith
given by:
Buffy Bohach
Peg Grimm

Juanita Pawlisch


David Orlowski
given by:
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ashworth

Virginia Bowden

Jennifer Braid

Bruce Essen

Kelly Howard

Mary G. Orlowski

Phyllis Weber

Ken Vickery

given by:

Carol Vickery

State of Florida ARP Grant

MAJOR CHORD ($500-$724)
Beverly Sanker Bohach
Marilyn Counter

WHOLE NOTE  ($300-$499)
Carl Hagberg

Larry and Linda Martin

HALF NOTE ($150-$299)
Dorothy Aitkenhead

Peg Grimm

Dr. and Mrs. William Dederer

Jack and Sylvia Gillespie

Irene Morth

Edith Nelson

Peter and Juanita Pawlisch

Diane B. Peterson

Tim Reynolds

Bill and Audry Wesender